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March, 14-16, 2017 - Cambridge, UK
Innate Immune Memory

Bursary deadline: 17 January
Abstract deadline: 31 January
Registration deadline: 15 February

The innate immune system is known to be instrumental in directing adaptive immune system to eradicate pathogens and tumours. However, dysregulation of the innate immune system can lead to unwanted inflammatory responses that precipitate immune-mediated diseases, including autoimmunity and allergy, suggesting it has a central role in host defences and inflammation.

This second Innate Immune Memory conference will focus on our understanding of the recently described adaptive features of the innate immune system and how it can be activated and regulated. We will also explore how the innate immune system can be ‘trained’ by internal and external modulators and how this might be harnessed to develop new therapies to treat inflammatory diseases, infection and cancer.

The meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians working in immunology and related areas, in particular those interested in epigenetic regulation of the immune system, cell metabolism, vaccine development and immunotherapy.

For full details, please visit the conference website.