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September, 18-19, 2017 - Dublin, Ireland
46th World Congress on Microbiology - Dublin, Ireland

Early bird registration deadline: 25 January
Abstract submission deadline: 15 March

World Congress on Microbiology offers a premier forum for discussions and debates, in this fascinatinginterdisciplinary field of molecular biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, mathematics, microbiology, and biochemistry which are centralizing & consolidating their respective discoveries and advances.

Microbiology 2017 is following the motto of cogito ergo sum, which translates to “I think, therefore I am”. One always learns through experiences and social participations, mainly through discussions. As we are aware that the true learning and understanding happens in the  hallways of conferences & networking, so we at the Microbiology 2017, are focussing on the increased networking through discussions of active participants, and changing the “what” to “how”- from the presentation to the discussion to facilitate learning for all.

To keep updated, visit the official congress website.