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Wednesday 11 April 2018
WAidid video pills: Professor Carla Colombo on Diabetes and cystic fibrosis

Diabetes is now considered the major comorbidity of cystic fibrosis. Professor Carla Colombo (University of Milan, Italy) offers in this video a complete overview of its epidemiology, onset, symptoms and treatment. 
Cystic fibrosis related diabetes tends to develop after the first decade of life and it is common in adults: so, given the increasing survival of CF patients, it is becoming more and more common. 
An important role in the pathogenesis is played by pancreatic damage, but also by insuline resistance, especially during polmunary exacerbation. 
The symptoms at onset of diabetes are often aspecific: that is way - as professor Colombo suggests - a screening to be performed once a year after the age of ten is fundamental for an early diagnosis.
As for the treatment, in order to avoid deterioration of CF, it is extremely important to administer long acting insulin, while there is no room for dietary restriction.