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Friday 16 November 2018
Call for experts to serve on the Global Tb Consilium

The TB Consilium is a global initiative offered by the Global TB Network (GTN).

The newly established GTN, operating within WAidid (a recognized Infectious Diseases society offering free membership for GTN members), aims to foster and conduct research on key unmet therapeutic and diagnostic needs in the field of TB elimination leveraging on multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial approaches and supportive interventions (i.e. training, and advocacy activities) within the framework of the WHO End TB Strategy without duplicating existing efforts.

The GTN TB Consilium is a free cost e-clinical consultation initiative, which globally provides clinicians with detailed and coordinated expert opinion on challenging cases of MDR-TB, XDR-TB, performed by two qualified experts within a maximum of 48 hours of submitting the case.

The GTN TB Consilium operates globally in English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages will be included based on needs.

Presently working via email, it will soon operate on a secure ad hoc electronic platform website.

The call to serve as expert on the GTN TB Consilium is officially open till November, 16th, 2018.  

All those interested can contact Marina Tadolini (, copying

Application form will be forwaded by e-mail.

Read more information about the Global TB Network here.

Many thanks and regards,

Marina Tadolini

Chair of GTN TB Consilium Technical Committee