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Wednesday 27 April 2016
Symptomatic Dengue in Children in 10 Asian and Latin American Countries

This week WAidid suggests an article on dengue in children, published on the New England Journal of Medicine on March 24, 2016, about the burden of the disease in Asian countries and in Latin American countries.

Precise estimates of the burden of dengue diseases have been difficult to determine. The control groups in two phase 3 trials of dengue vaccine efficacy included two large regional cohorts that were followed up for dengue infection. The cohorts in the study provided a sample for epidemiologic analyses of symptomatic dengue in children across 10 countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America in which dengue is endemic. The overall incidences of febrile episodes varied according to country and decreased with increasing age. Although the overall incidence appeared to be higher in the Asian cohort than in the Latin American cohort, this disparity was probably due in part to the younger age range of the participants included in this cohort, among whom the incidence of acute febrile disease is expected to be higher. The similar overall incidence in the comparable age groups suggests that the burden of febrile disease among children 9 to 16 years of age was similar in the two cohorts.

AUTHORS: Maïna L’Azou, M.Sc., Annick Moureau, M.Sc., Elsa Sarti, Ph.D., Joshua Nealon, M.Sc., Betzana Zambrano, M.D., T. Anh Wartel, M.D., Luis Villar, M.D., Maria R.Z. Capeding, M.D., and R. Leon Ochiai, Ph.D., for the CYD14 and CYD15 Primary Study Groups

To read the article online, click here.