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Suggested Publications
RSV vaccines: an update
WAidid suggests this week the article "Respiratory syncytial virus vaccines: an update on those in the immediate pipeline", published last October on Future Microbiology SUMMARYRespiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is among the most common causes of lower respiratory tract infection among infants and the elderly worldwide. Despite its long history, no licensed vaccine is available. Recently, advances in the knowledge of RSV biology and pathology as well as the development of new techniques to generate vaccine candidates have increased the number of promising vaccines. The aim of this review is to analyze RSV characteristics, to consider the history of RSV vaccines and to discuss RSV vaccines currently in development. Among the candidates in clinical trials, nanoparticle and subunit vaccines seem to be the most promising for pregnant women and the elderly, whereas live-attenuated or vector-based vaccines appear to be optimal for the pediatric population. AUTHORS: Esposito S., Pietro G. D.
WHO Target Regimen Profiles for TB Treatment
The article we suggest today, "World Health Organization. Target Regimen Profiles for TB Treatment", is based on the idea that TB drug research and development is moving towards developing and testing TB regimens rather than individual drugs. SUMMARY:There is an urgent need for safer, simpler, more efficacious and accessible treatment regimens for all forms of TB. The development of Target Product Profiles for TB treatment regimens (referred to as Target Regimen Profiles or TRPs) seeks to guide the drug development process towards important regimen characteristics corresponding to the needs of end-users. Aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions, product development partnerships, donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs), TRPs align targets and specifications for developers with the view of achieving shorter, less toxic, operationally feasible and cheaper regimens. AUTHORS: The World Health Organization (WHO)
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